Ambient Asset Management

Asset Management can be a time-consuming and disconnected process. As a result, Shadow IT resources slip through the gaps and threaten compliance objectives. Compliance objectives are more than box ticking, they affect brand, marketing, and sales. I present a simple solution to this: Ambient… Read more »

Monitoring PowerEdge Servers in a SmartDataCenter/SmartOS Environment

Many of the hardware RAID controllers that come in Dell PowerEdge servers are not currently supported by raidctl on SmartOS. As a result LSI's MegaCli needs to be used. Installing it isn't hard, but it isn't obvious either. This article explains how to do it. Read more »

TLS Client Authentication is much more than a strong password

I've heard an important point made in correcting people when they identify certificate authentication as two-factor.  It isn't out of band so a single machine compromise amounts to account compromise.  I am concerned however, when people draw the analogy of certificate auth being a strong… Read more »

Improved Apex FluentIterable

My previous implementation of FluentIterable would have been difficult to extend beyond filter and transform. I have rewritten it using the Chain of Responsibility pattern to facilitate adding more Guava FluentIterable capabilities in future. Read more »

Partial FluentIterable for Salesforce Apex

Guava's FluentIterable is really handy for processing data sets. Having something like it in Apex would be helpful. Read more »

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