Haskell Programming from First Principles: Part 2

A continuation of my iterative review of the early access edition of Haskell Programming from First Principles. I cover my experiences of the last month working through chapters 5 through 10. Read more »

Haskell Programming from First Principles: Part 1

Two weeks in, I take a look at why yet another beginner Haskell book matters, how it differs from what is already out there, and why that increases your chances of success as a learner. Read more »

Alain's Cloud Design Principles

A collection of my opinions on design for effective Cloud computing. Ranging from DNS and NTP to service-level communications, but yet concise enough to remember (hopefully). Read more »

Caching DNS with BIND9 on SmartOS

I ran into a very strange issue recently: DNS requests to my domain controllers from our distributed analytics were failing intermittently with NXDOMAIN. Read more »

Filtering Apache mod_log_forensic

The Apache access logs only get updated if a response is sent to the client. To get half made requests that result from dropped connections you need something like mod_log_forensic. Regrettably mod_log_forensic generates individual log entries on the order of a kilobyte. It also doesn't have… Read more »

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