Compartmentalization and AMQP Infrastructures

In order to deploy a secure message-driven distributed system the components should have very specific, narrowly defined roles. This is a extension of security best practices like least privilege and single-purpose systems. Read more »

Least Privilege IAM Policy for JGit S3

Have you ever wondered how to get an encrypted private Git repository? Have you considered S3, but are worried about sharing credentials with collaborators? This article provides a concise, least privilege solution to both of these problems using IAM and JGit. Read more »

Ambient Asset Management

Asset Management can be a time-consuming and disconnected process. As a result, Shadow IT resources slip through the gaps and threaten compliance objectives. Compliance objectives are more than box ticking, they affect brand, marketing, and sales. I present a simple solution to this: Ambient… Read more »

Monitoring PowerEdge Servers in a SmartDataCenter/SmartOS Environment

Many of the hardware RAID controllers that come in Dell PowerEdge servers are not currently supported by raidctl on SmartOS. As a result LSI's MegaCli needs to be used. Installing it isn't hard, but it isn't obvious either. This article explains how to do it. Read more »

TLS Client Authentication is much more than a strong password

I've heard an important point made in correcting people when they identify certificate authentication as two-factor.  It isn't out of band so a single machine compromise amounts to account compromise.  I am concerned however, when people draw the analogy of certificate auth being a strong… Read more »

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