Composing Functions for Dependency Injection with Guice

It is really tedious creating a class whose sole purpose is to compose two functions for a single purpose. Thankfully there is a better way to do this. Read more »

Bridging multimethod interfaces to functional interfaces

Lamba expression autotyping only works on functional interfaces. A functional interface has a… Read more »

Extending Interfaces by combining Default Methods and Lambda Expressions

Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Interface Default Methods can be combined to add methods to existing… Read more »

Setting up 2-Factor Authentication on a SmartMachine (Duo Push)

A simple set of steps to configure 2-Factor authentication on SmartOS using Duo Push. Read more »

OmniOS PXE Server for SmartOS

It is useful to have a variety of options for host operating systems to run fundamental network… Read more »

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