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Partial FluentIterable for Salesforce Apex

Guava's FluentIterable is really handy for processing data sets. Having something like it in Apex would be helpful. Read more »

Improved Apex FluentIterable

My previous implementation of FluentIterable would have been difficult to extend beyond filter and transform. I have rewritten it using the Chain of Responsibility pattern to facilitate adding more Guava FluentIterable capabilities in future. Read more »

Bridging multimethod interfaces to functional interfaces

Lamba expression autotyping only works on functional interfaces. A functional interface has a single abstract method. Being able to autotype other interfaces can be useful, but it doesn't come for free. Read more »

Extending Interfaces by combining Default Methods and Lambda Expressions

Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Interface Default Methods can be combined to add methods to existing interfaces. This works somewhat like traits in Scala. Read more »

Java to Scala in the pursuit of Intention

This is a response to Cedric Beust's From Scala back to Java Cedric linked to a very interesting discussion of the migration challenge from Java to Scala and the hurdles that are holding people back or pushing them away. This is an essential discussion to be having as migration is the reality… Read more »