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Nearly defect-free software with Erlang

The fundamental flaw of both Modular and Object-Oriented Programming is that they isolate concepts, but not execution. For the purposes of this discussion I will define program as a set of code which maintains an internal state. It is generally accepted that developing a program of non-trivial… Read more »

Quick Start: Debugging in Erlang

If you need to quickly debug a module in Erlang I have a few easy steps for you (using my Erlang hgsvn module as an example): 1> c(hgsvn, [debug_info]). {ok, hgsvn} 2> ii(hgsvn). {module, hgsvn} 3> ib(hgsvn, start, 0). ok 4> iaa([break]). true 5> hgsvn:start(). After this there is… Read more »

Mercurial SVN Integration Using Erlang

I wanted to make it possible to keep a Mercurial (Hg) repository in sync with a series of Subversion (SVN) source repositories. Due to the way certain Subversion repositories are structured it is not always convenient to have a common Mercurial and Subversion root. I am actually using Mercurial to… Read more »