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Concise HOWTO's: Message from Java to Erlang

First create an Erlang module called server that receives messages in the format {Sender,Data} and echoes the Data portion back to the Sender. Then create a Java class called EchoClient that prompts for a node to connect to and prompts in a loop for messages to send. You will need OtpErlang.jar in… Read more »

Concise HOWTOS: Install Erlang/OTP R13B01 from Source on Ubuntu 9.04

Generally it is better to use packages, so why have this HOWTO? Ubuntu 9.04's Erlang package is missing Jinterface, but it works when you build Erlang from source. Debian or Ubuntu will address this omission at some point. Until then we can build and install the latest Erlang release fairly… Read more »

Concise HOWTO's: Message from Erlang to Java

First create an EchoServer in Java that receives messages in the format {Sender,Data} and echoes the Data portion back to the Sender. You will need OtpErlang.jar in your build classpath and runtime classpath. I found it in /opt/local/lib/erlang/lib/jinterface-1.5.1/priv/ on Mac OS X. I had to… Read more »

Book Review: Pro Git

Pro Git is available at under Creative Commons (ie: free to read and modify). You can even clone the Git repository from which the online book is generated. After reading this review it should be clear that you should buy the book to support quality writing and the CC... Pro… Read more »

Git Breezily Handles our 500,000-line Enterprise Java Project

We have an Enterprise Java project with roughly 500,000-lines of code. It goes without saying that such a project needs good version control. But what should such a project use? Subversion has worked for us up until now on the project, but it is falling short of meeting our process and… Read more »