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Zotonic Deployment with Github: Authentication Sort of Solved

Although there is no official authentication spec, a shared key and source IP verification is better than nothing and is what I implemented. Read more »

Zotonic Deployment with Github: Post-Receive Authenticity Challenges

Github's Post-Receive Hooks are incredibly easy to set up, but there's a snag I really don't like: there is no defined way to authenticate the sender. Github only provides a payload, but no tokens or signature of any kind. Read more »

Dreaming up Zotonic Deployment with Github

Zotonic would benefit from a module that allows deployment by pushing to Github. This module could also accommodate periodic database backups to preserve content changes. Read more »

DevOps Dilemma: Too much ops?

How does a DevOp balance the need to preserve programmer skills with the operational needs of the business? Read more »