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Chef and Knife on Joyent Public Cloud

Are you interested in Chef and want to give it a spin on Joyent Public Cloud? This article will go step by step from creating an account with Joyent to listing, creating and deleting servers using Chef's Knife tool. Read more »

Deploying Squid HTTP forward proxy in HA on SmartOS

Squid is an easy FTP, HTTP and HTTPS proxy to install and configure. SmartOS has easy support for VRRP allowing for a quick HA forward proxy solution. Read more »

Making a ZFS 4 disk Mirrored vdev zpool on SmartOS on R720xd

A very quick summary of how I configured ZFS on my data center research machines with SmartOS. These are Dell PowerEdge R720xd's with PERC H710 controllers. Read more »

Node.js for Round-robin HTTPS to HTTP Proxying

I am mostly familiar with Apache httpd and using mod_jk to do proxying to Tomcat. Having done a bit of research on Node.js, I wanted to see how to build an HTTPS to HTTP proxy for similar ends. Read more »