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OCP-friendly service layering with Dependency Injection

This is likely to be a controversial post given the complexity tradeoff. I welcome feedback on this idea. In this article I present a brief discussion of the motivation for DRY followed by concrete and consumable advice on how to achieve it using dependency injection and generics. Read more »

Strong TLS for Zotonic using nginx and Let's Encrypt

This gets more interesting. I'm running on SmartOS with no front-end web server. In this article I will show the steps I took to introduce TLS to my blog. Read more »

Exploiting information leaks in SQL injection

In some cases a SQL injection doesn't result in a trivial exploit. Instead of a direct hack, there could be an information leak vulnerability. Here's an example of a vulnerable application and an efficient attack on the information leak. Read more »

Haskell Intero in Emacs: first impressions and HOWTO

Intero is a new/enhanced Stack-integrated REPL for Haskell like GHCi. It includes an Emacs mode that integrates with Stack as well. Read more »

Haskell Programming from First Principles: Part 2

A continuation of my iterative review of the early access edition of Haskell Programming from First Principles. I cover my experiences of the last month working through chapters 5 through 10. Read more »