Trying out Functional Programming: Episode 2

First the pains… On Ubuntu for PowerPC, the GHC 6.6 APT package does not have GHCi and seems otherwise broken. This is due to a bug in Debian Make apparently, so the maintainer of the GHC package (Ian Lynagh) has no way of fixing it at this time. Instead. I opted to download the source and ./configure, make, sudo make install GHC myself and it worked. For reference I literally changed nothing, I just typed:

sudo apt-get install ghc6
  waited roughly two hours as my Mac mini G4 1.42GHz built GHC
  6.6.1 with GHC 6.6 and then self-compiled in-place to get GHCi
sudo make install

I am now into the mind-bending world of Haskell's polymorphic type system. At this point in the YAHT (Yet Another Haskell Tutorial) I realized that I needed a more substantial background in how to think like a functional programmer. To this end I purchased The Haskell School of Expression. Also realizing that I benefit from a good understanding of the concepts and capabilities of Functional Programming I also ordered Programming in Haskell; a very recent yet highly recommended addition to the Haskell literature (31 January 2007).

It looks like I am going to follow this through and actually learn a totally new programming paradigm. I hope that in so doing I will be able to design and develop more reliable software. Stay tuned for Episode 3…