TextMate: Integrating an Erlang Debugger

I am preparing to build an Erlang Debugger in TextMate. IMHO, TextMate's HTML Output view is ideal for this since HTML+JS supports a huge variety GUI elements.

HTML+JS — especially in combination with The Dojo Toolkit — makes GUI development relatively straight-forward and TextMate's Dashboard-esque JavaScript API makes external process coordination a breeze.

Before diving right in I needed to make sure that TextMate's HTML Output view supported arbitrarily complex keyboard shortcuts. I found that it does and here is how to create the Command I used to test this:

  1. Create a Command called "Shortcut Key Test"
  2. Set Save to "Nothing"
  3. Paste the following into Command(s):
  4. Set Input to "None"
  5. Set Output to "Show as HTML"

I am digging in now to find a good way to connect this to Erlang's debugging modules. Thankfully all debugging in Erlang can be scripted with Erlang code, so this is not an insurmountable obstacle.