Good Erlang Tutorials: Erlang in Practice

I have been following the Erlang in Practice screencasts with Kevin Smith published by Pragmatic Programmers. Through the entire series to date (Episodes 1 through 5) I found myself engaged, interested and informed.

The coverage of the basics of process-based programming in Episodes 1 and 2 is good and the pace is very good. Episode 3 clarified a lot of questions I had about distributed Erlang.

Episode 4 clearly demonstrates how to use mnesia for persistent storage without complicating existing core code. However, I felt myself yearning for more coverage of mnesia's distribution and demonstrations of crash recovery. Hopefully Kevin will cover more advanced mnesia usage in a future screencast.

Episode 5 presented testing using EUnit concisely and clearly. It finally taught me an important Erlang skill I have had trouble motivating myself to learn. In a similar vein I sincerely hope that EDoc gets some coverage in a future screencast.

I am looking forward to Kevin's coverage of REST chat using mochiweb in the upcoming Episode 6.

The Erlang in Practice screencasts with Kevin Smith are a great companion to Joe Armstrong's Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World. I highly recommend both to anyone investigating Erlang or looking to round out their Erlang skill-set.

UPDATE: changed title and links to correspond with Pragmatic Programmer's rename of the series.