Monitoring PowerEdge Servers in a SmartDataCenter/SmartOS Environment

Many of the hardware RAID controllers that come in Dell PowerEdge servers are not currently supported by raidctl on SmartOS. As a result LSI's MegaCli needs to be used. Installing it isn't hard, but it isn't obvious either. This article explains how to do it.

Visit LSI's Documents and Downloads page. Search by keyword for MegaCli.  As of this writing it is under Management Software and Tools so expand that.  You should see MegaCLI 5.5 P2.  The download for that is a ZIP file including the Solaris support.  Oddly enough it downloads as  Extract that and get the MegaCli.pkg file from the 8.07.14_MegaCLI/Solaris directory.

Extract the MegaCli ZIP and upload the SVR4 package MegaCli.pkg to your SmartDataCenter/SmartOS GZ:

cd ~/Downloads/
scp 8.07.14_MegaCLI/Solaris/MegaCli.pkg root@smartos-gz:/tmp/

Extract the MegaCli SVR4 package to a folder in /tmp on the SmartOS GZ or SDC HN/CN GZ:

cd /tmp
mkdir /tmp/MegaCli
pkgtrans MegaCli.pkg .

Hit ENTER to extract all packages

mkdir /opt/custom/bin
cp SOLMEGACLI/reloc/\$BASEDIR/MegaRAID/CLI/MegaCli /opt/custom/bin/
/opt/custom/bin/MegaCli -adpcount

You should see:

Controller Count: 1.
Exit Code: 0x01

If you see "Controller Count: 0, try replacing mr_sas with dr_sas in the MegaCli binary:

cat SOLMEGACLI/reloc/\$BASEDIR/MegaRAID/CLI/MegaCli | sed 's/mr_sas/dr_sas/' > /opt/custom/bin/MegaCli

From here you can review the commands and scripts in Dell's Monitoring PowerEdge Servers in Solaris 10 Environment document to get examples of using MegaCli and interpreting the results.