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Agile Software Development and The Mercurial SCM

Mercurial enables individual developers to rapidly make and commit incremental change-sets locally without affecting others. This poses a risk to an Agile team in that it enables isolated development. Why would Mercurial be good in this situation then? As far as I am concerned certain things have… Read more »

Getting to The Mercurial SCM: How CVS and SVN Failed Me

Why is it that we are drawn to particular revision control systems like CVS and SVN? If you have never used version control, then this post will make no sense so you should save yourself and walk away. Cheers, and apologies. My first encounter with Revision Control was using CVS on an engineering… Read more »

HTML-based Widgets | Why Dojo?

What makes a good web application framework? Rapid database prototyping, rich extensibility, support for SOA? Not for me (well I am partial to database prototyping, you have me there). I look primarily for a framework that makes it easy to quickly build ad-hoc screens and then easily refactor… Read more »

W3C implementation of IE's onmouseleave event

How can I track when a mouse leaves an element? An unmodified onmouseout doesn't exactly fit the bill since if my mouse leaves C (a child node of B) the onmouseout of B gets called even when the mouse comes to rest within B. It turns out that this event bubbling is useful in simulating the… Read more »

UI Event-handlers and Template-rendering belong on the Client

In my last post I briefly explored why JavaScript should be compelling to Java developers. It's time now to expand on that by showing how Dojo|The JavaScript Toolkit sheds light on how server-side handling of UI Event-handlers (aka Controllers), and Template Rendering is unnecessary, wasteful Read more »