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Simple yet Secure HTTP File Serving with SSO: Part 3

I have found LDAP complicated to work with. The terminology is foreign and the tools require a lot of domain knowledge to use. My ultimate goal of this trail of learning is to understand enough about LDAP to be able to integrate with an existing LDAP source and use it for authentication. Read more »

Trying Out Functional Programming - Episode 4

My bad experience with Haskell drove me to conclude (prematurely) that there was little I could ever hope to achieve using the functional programming style. It turns out that I was wrong. Erlang actually makes practical programming possible in a functional style. Erlang is backed by years of… Read more »

Simple yet Secure HTTP File Serving with SSO: Part 2

This series of articles will be updated fairly frequently because both OpenSSL and OpenLDAP have giant fields of land mines laid in the way of getting things done. Most of these are due to a lack of Getting Started material. Jeremy Mates has solved this problem brilliantly for OpenSSL with his… Read more »

HOWTO: sudo port install db4 Successfully

As Admin: vi /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ Change the line: configure.args --enable-compat185 --enable-dump185 --enable-cxx \ TO configure.args --enable-cxx \ Then: sudo port clean db4; sudo port install db4 Background, for those… Read more »

Simple yet Secure HTTP File Serving with SSO: Part 1

Disclaimer: what I am about to describe is the creation of a piece of concise software from fairly non-concise parts. It will be a pretty ride, but the end result should be very nice. I have wanted to set up a secure yet painless server solution for downloading files I need from my machine when I… Read more »