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Alas Poor Erlang, I Knew Ye Well!

UPDATE: the negativity about Erlang in this post no longer reflects my current opinion. Thank you Justin Sheehy for making webmachine which has handily carried me across my hurdles with implementing RESTful Web Services in Erlang. The death of useful insight from a new idea encountered or approach… Read more »

Java REST API for Dojo using Restlet

The Dijits of The Dojo Toolkit make it possible to handle the entire user experience with static HTML+JS+CSS. The hard part — at least for me — is how to dynamically generate and cache the JSON representations used to populate the Dijits with actual data. Finding REST in all the wrong places I… Read more »

Getting erlang_hgsvn to dance with Subversion 1.5

Protocol-driven programming in Erlang can be extremely rewarding. It can also lead you down paths where the subtlest change in the external system you are interfacing with breaks your code. I had just such an experience when I upgraded my workstation from Ubuntu Hardy Heron to Intrepid Ibex. To… Read more »

Hello ErlIDE: Installation to Hello World

IDEs Don't Kill Code Bases, People Kill Code Bases I have just gotten over my mental block for trying ErlIDE. The biggest conflict for me was that my exploration of Erlang was in part a rebellion against Java and IDE-centric programming. ErlIDE is an excellent solution for Erlang development. I… Read more »

WANTED: Book or Screencast Series Focused on Dijit

Frustration With JSF I use JavaServer Faces (JSF) professionally to develop a web application. The development experience for me was rough initially and the learning curve was quite steep. Over time I have learned that the majority of this difficulty had to do with the complexity and… Read more »