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Faster Erlang Contextual Code Completion with erl_call

First off, why did I ever use TCP for the TextMate integration of An Erlang Contextual Code Completion Library ? Could I not simply have started an escript to do the completion? Here is why: Erlang's BEAM emulator takes more than a second to start up on my computer (1.42GHz PowerPC G4 Mac mini… Read more »

Disqus is cool, but I cannot get it working

I tried to get Disqus set up and realized that none of my readers were able to post comments. If anyone knows a good way to get this working with the Blogger Simple II template please tell me. I would like to get Disqus working. My sincerest apologies to any readers who tried to comment, but could… Read more »

Good Erlang Tutorials: Erlang in Practice

I have been following the Erlang in Practice screencasts with Kevin Smith published by Pragmatic Programmers. Through the entire series to date (Episodes 1 through 5) I found myself engaged, interested and informed. The coverage of the basics of process-based programming in Episodes 1 and 2 is… Read more »

An Erlang Contextual Code Completion Library

I have developed contextual code completion for Erlang using Erlang itself. My library includes a module that generates completion suggestion structures and a front-end module that converts these into TextMate snippets. It would be relatively easy for someone familiar with distel to write a front Read more »