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Kudos to Dojo Campus

When I first got into using The Dojo Toolkit back in early 2007 it was at 0.4. The documentation was thin and tutorials were few and far between. Things have gotten unrecognizably better since then. Dojo Campus is my favorite example of the rapid evolution in serving developers new to The Dojo… Read more »

Git Usability is On Par With Mercurial

In Five Features from Mercurial That Would Make Git Suck Less Geoffrey Grosenbach argues that Git is missing significant usability features that Mercurial has. I disagree on most points. I must provide a few clarifications. I get that Git has a reputation for being arcane, but IMHO it is… Read more »

Subversion Hating on poking fun at Git

UPDATE: Ben doesn't hate Git, and his post is pretty damn funny In iBanjo's Git article , Ben Collins-Sussman makes a funny, but revealing version of the Git documentation. It reveals a lack of understanding fed by dogmatic Git trolls. I love Git, but I certainly hope I don’t come across… Read more »

Concise HOWTO's: Message from Java to Erlang

First create an Erlang module called server that receives messages in the format {Sender,Data} and echoes the Data portion back to the Sender. Then create a Java class called EchoClient that prompts for a node to connect to and prompts in a loop for messages to send. You will need OtpErlang.jar in… Read more »

Concise HOWTOS: Install Erlang/OTP R13B01 from Source on Ubuntu 9.04

Generally it is better to use packages, so why have this HOWTO? Ubuntu 9.04's Erlang package is missing Jinterface, but it works when you build Erlang from source. Debian or Ubuntu will address this omission at some point. Until then we can build and install the latest Erlang release fairly… Read more »