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Does Erlang's concise syntax improve effectiveness?

As it stands, I still place Erlang as next best hope for making development teams more effective at delivering solid products. I have had doubts now and then about this conclusion, but ultimately it comes down to experience. With an incredibly limited amount of experience I was able to write… Read more »

Can you hear me now? Calling Scala from Java... *click*

It is being touted as a serious win for Scala that it integrates so smoothly with Java. This claim looks good on paper until you realize that almost every Java developer uses an IDE. Wait, though... doesn't Scala have good plug-ins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans? Thus far these… Read more »

What's the big deal with Tail Recursion?

Many languages (Erlang, Haskell, Scala, etc.) have a compiler optimization that makes recursion fast and memory constant if the function is tail recursive modulo-cons. They do this by altering/replacing the contents of the current stack and jumping to the function called instead of growing the… Read more »

Can Scala Actors compete with Erlang in concurrency?

Can Scala Actors compete with Erlang in concurrency and distribution? It is a demonstrated fact that Erlang owns this space. From a concurrency perspective the JVM holds Scala back, but that is not the insurmountable problem I and others have claimed it to be. Having been open sourced the JVM is… Read more »

Stop hatin' on Scala

I have to admit that I reacted with skepticism to almost everything going on with Scala for the past two years. Having read up to Chapter 7 of Venkat Subramaniam's Programming Scala I am now convinced that it is well worth the time to learn it. Endless Scala sales pitches from well-meaning… Read more »