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HOWTO: Install Erlang R14B on Snow Leopard with wx

UPDATE: Hopefully this fix won't be necessary for long. I have submitted a Pull Request for the Homebrew team's consideration . I have installed 32-bit Erlang/OTP R14B with wxErlang support successfully with modified Homebrew Formulae. It looks like it works perfectly fine so long as I… Read more »

Riak, now with Search

Riak is distributed key-value store which now has easy full text search. Install Riak Search before continuing. Put riaksearch/bin in your session PATH: export PATH=/path/to/riaksearch/bin:$PATH Enable indexing on the “companies” and “testimonials” buckets: search-cmd install companies search Read more »

Dusty Old Projects: Erlang/Dojo Settlers of Catan

A couple of years ago I got it in my head that I should write a Settlers of Catan clone with an Erlang server and a Dojo Toolkit client. I got fairly far with it, but the rubber never hit the road. Instead of letting the experience, the bruises and the documents generated from that go to waste I… Read more »

Enabling SyntaxHighlighter in Blogger Step-by-Step

Learn about SyntaxHighlighter Go to Layout from you Blogger Dashboard Select Edit HTML Immediately after <head>, add the following code: <script src=&#x27;; type=&#x27;text/javascript&#x27;></script> Read more »

Getting __git_ps1 in Homebrew

Homebrew's Git Formula does not appear to include __git_ps1. It is trivial to emulate with a shell alias though, so I did. Add these lines to ~/.bashrc: alias __git_ps1="git branch 2>/dev/null | grep '*' | sed 's/* \(.*\)/(\1)/'" case "$TERM" in xterm*… Read more »