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Enabling SyntaxHighlighter in Blogger Step-by-Step

Learn about SyntaxHighlighter Go to Layout from you Blogger Dashboard Select Edit HTML Immediately after <head>, add the following code: <script src=&#x27;; type=&#x27;text/javascript&#x27;></script> Read more »

Getting __git_ps1 in Homebrew

Homebrew's Git Formula does not appear to include __git_ps1. It is trivial to emulate with a shell alias though, so I did. Add these lines to ~/.bashrc: alias __git_ps1="git branch 2>/dev/null | grep '*' | sed 's/* \(.*\)/(\1)/'" case "$TERM" in xterm*… Read more »

Is this stupid? Drop Last Element of Erlang List

UPDATE: This is a very old article and the discussion here is interesting for historical reasons only. DO NOT use this code. Milton Inostroza helpfully and correctly pointed out that there is a lists:droplast/1 function in stdlib now .  I wanted to drop the last element of a list. I didn't want… Read more »

GitX: a great product and one worth repeated donations

GitX is easily the best standalone Git user-interface I have used and I've been hunting around and comparing for over two years. I donated to GitX last year and the year before and I plan to do so again later this year as development continues. Pieter de Bie has built an unparalleled product… Read more »