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SmartOS on Multi-Socket and the ACPI SRAT

The ACPI SRAT describes the topology and nature of the processors and memory in your system. With it SmartOS can perform dynamic optimizations of memory allocation in a multicore, multiprocessor (multi-socket) environment. Read more »

Flashing R720xd BIOS from iDRAC6 Virtual Media using FreeDOS

Updating firmware on new Dell servers with the Lifecycle Controller is easy... unless you are behind a tightly locked down firewall. This article explains how to modify a FreeDOS ISO and use it to update the BIOS. Read more »

PXE boot SmartOS based on MAC address

It is often useful to be able to boot a select population of your servers to specific OSes or releases. In this article I explain how to use ISC DHCP to select which hosts you want SmartOS to run on based on their MAC addresses. Read more »

Build vs Buy: why no-ops tips the balance

This is pandering opinionated garbage and a rant. Please forgive me for it. I try to run a respectable blog, but occasionally I lose my temper. As many times before, I have had an interesting tug of war with myself this weekend over the build vs buy dilemma software companies face on many fronts. Read more »

PXE Booting SmartOS from Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS

My experience in setting up Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS as a PXE server to boot SmartOS. These instructions should continue to work with future SmartOS releases that keep the same naming conventions. Read more »