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Experiments with ZFS Failure Modes and Autogrowth

Before putting technology in production I like to have a very good understanding of how it handles failure. Just putting something cool into production because it feels right is not my style. I have to prove it in my lab first. Read more »

Integrating with Accellion using Powershell

Implementing an Accellion API client using Powershell can be done fairly cleanly. There are some interesting challenges in the implementation, but overall this is a very good case from why REST APIs are valuable for vendors and their clients. Read more »

Learning from Haskell

There is an essential distinction between learning a language to apply it directly and learning from a language to gain insight into how things can be done differently with what we use today. Read more »

Zotonic Deployment with Github: Authentication Sort of Solved

Although there is no official authentication spec, a shared key and source IP verification is better than nothing and is what I implemented. Read more »

Zotonic Deployment with Github: Post-Receive Authenticity Challenges

Github's Post-Receive Hooks are incredibly easy to set up, but there's a snag I really don't like: there is no defined way to authenticate the sender. Github only provides a payload, but no tokens or signature of any kind. Read more »