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Mercurial SVN Integration Using Erlang

I wanted to make it possible to keep a Mercurial (Hg) repository in sync with a series of Subversion (SVN) source repositories. Due to the way certain Subversion repositories are structured it is not always convenient to have a common Mercurial and Subversion root. I am actually using Mercurial to… Read more »

Trying Out Functional Programming - Episode 5

I suppose I should probably stop referring to this series as Trying Out Functional Programming since Erlang is not a pure functional programming language, but rather a declarative concurrent programming language. The semantics aside, Erlang lets you model a domain as a set of interacting processes. Read more »

Trying Out Functional Programming - Episode 4

My bad experience with Haskell drove me to conclude (prematurely) that there was little I could ever hope to achieve using the functional programming style. It turns out that I was wrong. Erlang actually makes practical programming possible in a functional style. Erlang is backed by years of… Read more »