Articles about: SmartOS

Monitoring PowerEdge Servers in a SmartDataCenter/SmartOS Environment

Many of the hardware RAID controllers that come in Dell PowerEdge servers are not currently supported by raidctl on SmartOS. As a result LSI's MegaCli needs to be used. Installing it isn't hard, but it isn't obvious either. This article explains how to do it. Tümünü oku »

Using Chef with Joyent Compute Service and SmartDataCenter

A random collection of thoughts and tools I use for interacting with Joyent Compute Service and SmartDataCenter and Chef. Tümünü oku »

OmniOS PXE Server for SmartOS

It is useful to have a variety of options for host operating systems to run fundamental network services like DHCP and PXE booting. OmniOS is well-suited to that task and is very similar to SmartOS which makes it easy to transition between them. Tümünü oku »